Corporate Pilates Package

Package Description

Four fantastic reasons for fitness in the workplace;

Improved productiviy – Exercise increases blood flow to the brain and raises awareness giving your employees the ability to stay sharp and take on the day!

Improved immunity – Recent research indicates moderate regular exercise reduces susceptibility to illness, therefore reducing staff sickness.

Improved body movements and posture – practising relaxing breathing techniques whilst concentrating on posture enhancing exercises gives your staff improved manual handling techniques and better body awareness.

Reduce stress and improve staff wellbeing  – in 2016 11.7 million staff working days were lost to businesses due to stress and stress related illnesses. Exercise releases endorphins (happy hormones), taking just 30 minutes per day to do some exercise will elevate the mood and increase feelings of wellbeing.

What are you waiting for? Pilates is an excellent enhancement to everyday wellness, especially in the workplace. It can help motivate employees to lead healthier lifestyles. A healthy employee is a happy employee and many companies now recognise the health benefits that can be gained through providing fitness training for their employees. Poor posture in sitting or standing, can result in a variety of back, leg and foot problems and can lead to costly absenteeism. Kate’s knowledge and experience will give your team a detailed and energising workout with high quality instruction. Individual or group classes can be provided at your work place. Classes can be booked from 07:00 to 20:00 Monday to Friday, contact Kate for more details.