Massage Therapy

Did you know?

Massage nourishes and improves your skin texture as well as being an amazingly effective stress-buster!! Massage also helps reduce your blood pressure and reduces fluid retention. It works on all your senses relaxing your mind and body. Kate’s massage repertoire includes NO HANDS massage, Sports massage, Indian Head massage, Reflexology and Aromatherapy.

Kate uses organic base oils and organic pre-blended essential oils for your massage.

What to expect from your massage

On your first visit, Kate will take a brief medical and lifestyle history then have a chat about the type of massage that would best suit you. You will then be asked to undress the area of the body that will be massaged; you will have complete privacy doing so. You will be covered with towels during your massage to keep you warm and comfortable. After your massage you will have a few minutes to rest before dressing.

Massage Menu

Create Your Own Pamper Day

Why not have a massage day in your home with a few of your friends? Kate will come out to your house and set up her massage couch, all you need to provide is the space. Pick and choose your treatments from the menu below, there is a £10 booking fee plus the regular charge per massage. Book Kate for just four treatments and get a 20 minute massage free.

20 Minutes Massage

Sports Massage
Head Massage
Face, Neck & Shoulder Massage
Hands & Feet Massage

30 Minutes Massage

Sports Massage
Revitalising Leg Massage
Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage
Arms & Hands Massage
Reflex & Relax

45 Minutes Massage

NO HANDS Massage
Indian Head Massage
Half Body Aromatherapy Massage
Sports Massage & Stretch Session

60 Minutes Massage

NO HANDS Massage
Full body Massage
Sports Massage & Stretch Session

75 Minutes Massage

Prescription NO HANDS Massage
Prescription Aromatherapy Massage