Top Tips For Relaxation

Jan 13, 2022

If you’re having a tough time relaxing right now – here are some top tips for relaxation for you to try:

Remember to breathe!

Try Taking slow, deep breaths. Slowly inhale for four counts and then slowly exhale for four counts. Repeat for 10 to 20 breaths. When I’m having a tough moment I like to use a mantra in my head as I breathe – try these on for size-

Breathe out and think – “Out with anger”, breathe in and think – “In with love”

“I am strong, I am calm”

“I have full confidence in myself and my abilities.” ― Idowu Koyenikan

“I am my own work of art” – Madonna

“I believe in myself”

Take a break

Just give yourself 5 minutes; have a cup of tea, do a crossword, walk round outside and get some fresh air, do some gentle stretches.

Try active relaxation like doing a Pilates class. Whether it’s a gentle stretch Pilates class or a full-on sweaty session, getting active and giving yourself some “you” time is essential for a healthy mind as well as a healthy body! If you feel you really can’t take time out form the office, stand up and do some stretches, you can also do some seated stretches in your chair. Check out my chair stretches video on YouTube, click here: YOUTUBE CHAIR STRETCHES

Practice meditation

I am really appreciating my “calm” app at the moment. My bedtime routine is to tuck myself in bed and put on a relaxation storey to fall asleep to. Here’s a guided relaxation session I have recorded for you to try out: YOUTUBE GUIDED RELAXATION

Find a green space and take a moment

Your green space can be in a park, the local woods, your garden or even in your head. If you don’t have a green space near you – try visualisation – picture your favourite relaxing spot and see yourself chilling out there!

Have a soak in a warm bath

I love a bubble bath! Maybe add a few drops of your favourite essential oils. I’m loving Lavender and Lemon at the moment. Lavender is deeply relaxing, and lemon is uplifting – remember to only use a few drops with a maximum of 10 drops in total being added to your bath.

Listen to soothing music

Get your favourite chill out tunes on, close your eyes and appreciate the music for a few moments. Click here for a calming relaxation playlist from Spotify.

Write. … Keep a journal!

Getting things down on paper helps to put things in prospective. Putting words to feelings and emotions is very therapeutic – you never know – you might be a budding novelist…

Paint a picture or do some colouring in – it’s really relaxing!

Even if you have a super busy schedule – try to take a few moments every day to clear your head and give yourself a moment. Even two minutes can make a positive difference in your mental well-being.  I hope these top tips have helped you and given you some food for thought.

stay well

Kate x

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