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Quick tips & technique


What is Pilates?

A general introduction to the techniques and benefits of Pilates.

Pilates Warm-up exercises

Basic Pilates exercises to use as a 15 minute workout, warm up or cool down session after your workout.

Hip Stretches with the Resistance Band

Stretch out tight hamstrings, adductors and glutes with this 10 minute resistance band stretch session.

Pilates on the Foam Roller

Stretch out your hips and release low back tension with this fabulous stretch session on the foam roller.

Stretches for the Upper Back with the Foam Roller

Mobilise your spine and release tight muscles with this great little stretch session on the foam roller.

Guided relaxation

Take time out to relax with this guided relaxation. Relax your body one part at a time. Enter into a deep relaxation that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised.



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