Gaynor Lavery, Retired University Lecturer

“Upended by a sequence of serious gynae problems and several surgeries in my mid 50’s, I found myself after a few years, unfit, gaining weight and increasingly immobile.  As my problems were unfolding I’d watched my husband slowly transform his longstanding back problems on a 1:1 Pilates basis with Kate, as he’d chosen to travel down the “back health” route rather than face risky surgery.
I took the decision to sign up with Kate, who’s professionalism and expertise was evident from the start of our sessions. She quickly came to grips with my problems, recognising the ongoing impact of my medical history and my, thus far, largely ignored hyper-mobility. Kate has worked slowly and carefully, with a mix of encouragement and patience to increase my basic fitness.
I’ve gained confidence along the way that she wouldn’t expect something of me that I wasn’t capable of achieving. Now into my second year with Kate, feeling physically stronger and addressing issues one by one that have come to the fore. I’m so thankful I made the decision to work with her and am facing my 60’s in much better physical shape. I can highly recommend Kate to you.”

Vicki Mahoney, Project Manager

“After years and years of being too scared to exercise after a back operation, I’d had enough and I decided to ease myself back in to exercise with Pilates.  Kate was recommended to me and after our initial consultation I signed up for a course of 1:1 sessions.  Kate is one of the most patient people I have met, we took baby steps at first until I felt confident and at ease and it didn’t take long! By the end of my course I felt like I had a different body and instantly joined one of the group equipment classes. Kate has taught me so much. Her knowledge is exceptional and if she tells me to push harder (or to breath, which is probably my biggest challenge!) I do push harder because I trust her, if she thinks I can do it, I know I can do it.   18 months down the line and I’m so grateful I found Kate she has helped me get my life back after all these years.  Kate, I can not thank you enough.”

Graham Flynn, Construction Project Director

“If you are looking to strengthen up following a specific injury, Kate has the expert knowledge to lead you through a targeted set of exercises whilst always keeping in mind your specific injury or weakness. The classes are always structured in advance and Kate goes out of her way to vary the exercises after each session. I can highly recommend Kate’s Pilates sessions as lots of the local physios do”

Sarah, Administrative Assistant

“I have been attending 4Most Fitness for 3 years. Kate is a very patient and professional teacher. I had struggled with knee pain for a long time which is now resolved. I highly recommend Kate and 4Most Fitness”

Dorota Lyons, Researcher

“I’ve been attending Kate’s classes since the third month of pregnancy. This was 2 years ago and I’m still attending! Kate is professional, knowledgeable and friendly, and I always leave feeling that I’ve had a good workout and some really valuable ‘me’ time!”

Nicky, Assistant Finance Controller

“I have been attending Kate’s Pilates classes now for 4 years. The classes are small, almost like a one to one experience. Kate is very caring and thoughtful of each individual’s needs. I would highly recommend a visit… I have also had several massages off Kate both relaxing and therapeutic. Fabulous!”

Sarah, Hospital Doctor

“A one to one session followed by some regular classes with Kate successfully addressed a niggle in my back that has come and gone for years, thanks to long days on my feet at work.  I now stand better, sit taller and understand how to maintain my posture much more.  Her dynamic and fun classes are targeted to individual needs, taught with humour and excellent value for money”.

 Robyn McGlinchey, Pilates Instructor

“I always look forward to my workouts at the 4Most Fitness studio. Kate encourages us to push ourselves, work hard and reach new levels but we always have a laugh during the sessions. Kate is professional, a fountain of knowledge and so easy to learn under whether you are a total beginner or looking for advanced workouts. The studio is immaculate, welcoming and smells fabulous, total opposite to the sweaty gyms I used to attend. I love it!

I’ve also tried some NO HANDS massages from Kate. She is always so careful to give you exactly what you need from a warm room, comfy blankets, the scented oils you prefer and works in just the right amount of pressure to ease tired, aching muscles. 60 minutes never feels long enough!”

 Sylvia Bates, Retired

“Kate was recommended to me by my osteopath as I have osteoporosis. I have been coming to 4Most Fitness and attending private Pilates classes with Kate for 8 years now!  I love my classes and Kate has helped me a great deal with my osteoporosis. My posture, flexibility and balance have all improved thanks to my Pilates classes.”

 Sophie Edwards, Pilates / Dance / Fitness Instructor

“I have been attending Kate’s equipment classes for over a year now. As a fitness and Pilates instructor myself I wanted to seek out a highly experienced teacher who would challenge me and whom I could continue to learn from. Every lesson I attend I learn something new, making revelations which have a huge impact on the way I both train and teach. Above all Kate is very warm and welcoming and has a great sense of humour which makes her classes highly enjoyable. She is a very creative teacher so there is no risk of getting bored.

I also have regular massages with Kate. In the past when I’ve had sports massages from other therapists, the massage itself has been quite uncomfortable and I usually leave feeling like I’ve been hit by a bus. Until I met Kate I thought this was doing my body a lot of good! I have now learned that I can get the deep tissue, restorative benefits from Kate’s NO HANDS approach without the pain! From the moment you walk into the 4Most Fitness Studio you feel at ease. The experience is totally bespoke; down to what music you’d like on in the background, what style of massage would suit you, and what kind of oils/wax you would prefer. I always leave feeling like my body has gained all the benefits of a great massage but feeling a little pampered too.

All in all, Kate is a very professional, fun, and an inspiring instructor and therapist. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. I’m so glad I found her!”

Ruth Price, Employer Engagement Coordinator

“I have been attending Kate’s classes for over two years now.  I suffer with my back and without attending her class each week I would struggle to keep mobile. The small groups mean I receive one-to-one attention during the class and Kate makes sure I’m doing it right and adapts it to suit my condition.  It’s a fun class and we have all become great friends.”

Siobhan, Physiotherapist

“After some 1:1 sessions with Kate I now attend the essential equipment class.  Kate has an enormous amount of expert knowledge and easily adapts any exercise to an individual’s needs. Her teaching style, whilst informal and friendly, is very clear and specific – you can’t get away with the wrong technique!  The classes are small, well structured and varied so you don’t get bored.  I would definitely recommend Kate and 4Most Fitness.”